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Jays Artificial grass is the perfect choice for people in Perth who have a busy lifestyle. Our artificial grass gives you all the benefits of traditional grass without the hassle, care & maintenance, allergies and water expenses.


Where can you use our artificial grass? I’m glad you asked!

  • Our artificial grass if perfect for the front and back of your home (and the inside if you want to create an amazing games room for your children). It can make areas luscious and green where traditional grass would not grow such as in sandy or low nutrient areas.
  • Do you own an apartment or live in the city in a townhouse? Some of the team at Jays Synthetic Grass live In the city and we deeply miss the greenery of the suburbs to the north, south and east of Perth. Artificial Grass is the perfect way to brighten that balcony or terrace that currently has boring tile or concrete.
  • Does your home or business have a flat rooftop space? You could turn it into a rooftop garden that requires zero maintenance. Take advantage of your amazing rooftop views with Jays artificial grass at your feet.
  • Some of you may not instantly realise that artificial grass does not require any sunlight! Its perfect for dark locations, dark rooms, dark gardens with lots of shade, sheds, patios.


What are the benefits of artificial grass over traditional grass?

  • Traditional grass is labour intensive and expensive. The installation, reticulation and upkeep takes hours per month.
  • Allergies are a given with any traditional grass, especially when you need to mow the lawn and the dust and grass cuttings enter the air.
  • Traditional grass can be difficult to grow, if you have lawn beetles, poor reticulation or you are unable to commit the time required to its care and maintenance.
  • If you have recently built a new house or office, you will need to spend money and time on soil conditioning and grow your new grass once the soil is ready.

Artificial grass is a ‘set and forget’ product. Once you install it or have it installed by our professional team, it does not require any of your time or money to look an stay in perfect condition all year round.

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