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I have had the pleasure of dealing with Nicole in the administration team and cannot recommend her and this business enough. Excellent customer service delivered with a smile. Thank you!

Leafe Life Avatar Leafe Life
August 31, 2023

Very friendly staff and great workmanship by all. Our turf looks great.

Mdac15 Perth Avatar Mdac15 Perth
August 30, 2023

My husband and I are really happy with the job Jays Synthetic Grass has done here. It is beautiful! The quality of the material is wonderful and the guys who came to install it (Jackson Ting and Jampo) were great. They left everything as cleanest as it could be. I do recommend the company. Nice job!

Susana Ribeiro Avatar Susana Ribeiro
August 23, 2023

It's a good supplier who offers good quality and service, in particular the salesman Alex who is nice by delivering full roll to my address. Brovo e buono!

Dai Zude Avatar Dai Zude
August 16, 2023

Firstly, I would like to advise: 1. I found Jays Synthetic Grass very professional in their quoting, supplying full details of what is included in their quotation and the information regarding the grass product required for my purpose. 2. Their quote was very competitive. Once the quote was accepted, the sales representative called again to re-measure to ensure all was correct and satisfactory. 3. Installation was undertaken within 1 week of paying the deposit. 4. The persons that installed, were very pleasant and undertook the work in a couple of days. 5. I had approximately 100 sqm laid last Saturday, and it looks great. I fully recommend Jays , if you are considering laying synthetic grass. Ken Manolas 7.8.2023

Kenneth Manolas Avatar Kenneth Manolas
August 14, 2023

We contacted Jay's Synthetic Grass (Jay's) in Dec last year. The quotation was quick and the staff who came to measure the area was very helpful and knowledgeable. She gave advise regarding the grass, skip bin required and things related to our renovation project. We had changed the grass installation dates a few times. We postponed the renovation project and at the end, the amount we needed to pay was less than what was initially quoted us. Jay's was fair and was willing to adjust the payment amount, instead of having us committed to the initial quote. Besides, the grass was installed well. We contacted a few companies and compared the price. And Jay's price was the cheapest among other companies.

F C Avatar F C
July 24, 2023

The staff at Jays Synthetic Grass were incredibly helpful from the moment I stepped in. They patiently answered all my questions and provided valuable insights into choosing the best synthetic grass for my needs. I want to extend a special thanks to Alex, who went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.

Jeric Ripotola Avatar Jeric Ripotola
July 24, 2023

We are a small oldish block of units, had Jay's Synthetic Grass remove & re lay/re glue new turf at two levels of building entrance, replacing same which was 20+ years old. Brilliant job by Jay & his team, on time, on spec & good follow-up service to our complete satisfaction. Best price quote by a mile. Thankyou Jay.

David George Charlton Avatar David George Charlton
July 14, 2023

Outstanding service and customer service and after care service. I went on with them to do the backyard Feb 202 first and return to them for the front yard in 2 months later. Jay and Norman are very friendly and professional. Well price too. Ruth is just wonderful and helpful when I submit a warranty claim. The team did the job within 2 working weeks to replace my grass at front yard which has only a slight deflect which was from their supplier and not their installation fault.

Nicholas Nguyen Avatar Nicholas Nguyen
July 14, 2023

Very happy with Jay's professional service; and the new lawn looks great!

Deb Jones Avatar Deb Jones
July 6, 2023

Highly recommended. Excellent service from the start with Rob attending to provide a great quote to the 2 installers being very professional. We couldnt be more happier with the finished product. Thanks guys we love our front lawn.

Wayne Jansen Avatar Wayne Jansen
July 6, 2023

I bought some synthetic grass from Jay to do a DIY mini golf in my front yard. I did a lot of work on YouTube, but there are still many questions. Jay was very helpful and friendly in guiding me in building it. It makes my yard looks beautiful and full of fun with affordable cost. Thank you super much , Jay. Hope all good on your business and your family. Emily

min shi Avatar min shi
July 6, 2023

The grass looks nice but the base underneath is not level. I sent him lots of messages right after the job done but got ignored until I contact another staff who gave me quote before. Then I got a call phone from him but I was in hospital and asked him to call me back next week. I never got to heard from him since then. I gave him a call a week later but got declined. The base is still not level but I gave up calling. -updated: someone came to have a look later and promised will put more sand to level it but it never happened as he did not come back

Ly Carr Avatar Ly Carr
June 6, 2023

Very professional company

ting jackson Avatar ting jackson
June 6, 2023

Love your work guys. We are repeat customers. Thoroughly recommend you to anyone putting in synthetic grass

Jill Revell Avatar Jill Revell
June 6, 2023

Really friendly service and got a great deal on some offcuts of their premium turf. I only have a tiny backyard so planning to install myself. The sales guy I spoke with was really helpful and didn't sell me more than what I needed. As a female doing diy where I can, I've had a few male reps give me some attitude, but these guys couldn't have been more respectful or lovely to deal with. Highly recommend and can't wait to look into my backyard and see some lush greenery.

Bec S Avatar Bec S
May 14, 2023

Sales staff were fantastic but the aggression and rudeness of the warehouse staff made the experience negative. Maybe close off the area of no access with binding like a real business instead of a A4 laminated sheet on a pillar and consider before you start abusing the customer. Look around because this experience isn’t worth losing your mind over. I won’t be back!

Dorn Daly Avatar Dorn Daly
May 6, 2023

Such a smooth and easy process, from the quote to the installation of the grass. The communication was prompt and friendly, with lots of helpful advice. I would definitely recommend Jay’s Synthetic Grass.

Amanda Boyd Avatar Amanda Boyd
May 6, 2023

We had our original synthetic grass replaced by Jays and the quality is much worse than our first grass (different supplier) even though it was much more expensive. It is terribly layed, lumpy and uneven. You can see all the joints, loose bits sticking up and was never brushed properly. We had them come back out to try and fix it but they couldn’t. They sent the same two guys who couldn’t do it well the first time. No supervisor. No compensation offered. Terrible service and poor product.

Teneile Tushingham Avatar Teneile Tushingham
May 6, 2023

The 2 guys were on time which is a bonus, friendly, had no problem explaining step by step along with all my questions I had asked. They completed the job at a high standard, well time frame to a professional standard & left a nice, clean workplace. Thanks guys for giving my backyard a new lease of life to admire & to enjoy. The cost to be done was very reasonable. I would certainly recommend your company. Thanku & take care everyone 🤗

korina mansfield Avatar korina mansfield
April 14, 2023

I can not recommend Jays guys enough. I am so happy with my fake grass the finish in perfect and so professional. The whole experience was so easy and professional firstly meeting Norman the sales rep for the on site measurement who was great explaining everything to me. Then the lads that came to do the job it self were absolutely amazing such great workers and very talented at what they do. The whole job was smashed out in just one day no messing around. Thanks again guys

Eric Meade Avatar Eric Meade
April 14, 2023

We had Jays install synthetic grass at our place in Hamersley. We went for quite a large area and also had several quotes done by other companies. We found that Jays offered the highest quality product at a price that was better (by around 2k) than the other companies middle-range products. The choice was made pretty easy. The actual installation was easy as. The workers were quick and precise. There is a rocky wall and they made the meeting point of the turn and the wall look natural by carefully cutting the turn where needed. The final product is incredible. The turf is soft and lush. Happy to recommend Jays!

Adrian Dudek Avatar Adrian Dudek
April 14, 2023

Jays team was really professional in the installation and the product seems to be perfect value for money

Arjun Avatar Arjun
March 15, 2023

We used Jay's services for a lawn installation at our home in Shelley and they delivered well. The quality of product looks fine and the team installed the lawn swiftly without any hurdles. All in all great product and even better service, will highly recommend!

joy mandhotra Avatar joy mandhotra
March 8, 2023

Thanks guys for your service and regular updates regarding progress . Really happy with the result. Blends well with our natural lawn. Effective product and helpful staff.

Karl Carosella Avatar Karl Carosella
February 22, 2023

Jay's was my second quote i got and the last i needed. My first quote was an absolute disgrace, charging me double the price what Jay's was charging and when i didn't want to pay the deposit straight away they asked who else i was looking at and i replied Jay's. They went onto Jay's Google Review's to find a bad review and ended up going back 4 years to try find one to show me as an example. I can see why there are not many bad reviews, as the whole process was outstanding. The quote was nice and easy, Sorry i forgotten the lady name but she bought out plenty of samples feel/look at. I went with the Supa 35mm which feels and looks amazing in the winter and now summer. My installer was a ripping lad, sorry didn't catch the name but was always up for a catch and completed the work with his labourer very cleanly and smooth. I had to give a call back as the next week there was a sinkhole, which was because of my new build land, my installer came out found the problem and then plugged the hole back up. No dramas since and the grass looks and feels perfect. Thanks again, would recommend!

Richard Nguyen Avatar Richard Nguyen
January 6, 2023

Transformed my side yard. Looked absolutely mint ! 👌 great service. Had a tiny hiccup with surface but was sorted swiftly and promptly with no dramas. Would definitely recommend these guys to get your grass done

Kairan Tipene Avatar Kairan Tipene
December 22, 2022

I had a wonderful experience with Jay's Synthetic Grass both with the staff and quality of the product. Turned up on time, did a great job and left the site clean and tidy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends.

Erica K Avatar Erica K
December 22, 2022

Helpful and friendly service. Prompt installation. Quality of the product is great. However a bit disappointed with the level of workmanship. Grass is not very level and some joins a quite visible. Not what I really expected from a professional job.

Mick Corbett Avatar Mick Corbett
November 22, 2022

Jay’s Synthetic Grass supplied and installed a lawn in my backyard just over 12 months ago. I posted a review immediately after it was installed because it looked so magnificent. HOWEVER! THAT WAS A MISTAKE. I would recommend to everyone not to give a review so early. The reason for this is that you are not aware of any shortcomings until some time has passed. I did specifically ask the installers whether or not any weeds would grow through the synthetic lawn. Their answer was “no, only around the edges and when the weeds do appear, spray them and do not pull them out because you will pull the edges up from their secured positions”. What I have discovered is that the weeds grow everywhere and not just around the edges which is an indication that the ground was not sprayed against weeds prior to the rest of the installation process. In fact, I was home at the time and know that the ground was not sprayed. In addition, the installers put very, very few of their things in that secure the synthetic grass to the ground. In fact, hardly any. The initial look after installation was magnificent but because of the short cuts made by the installers, I am constantly weeding the synthetic lawn. This includes trying to remove the previous couch lawn from areas throughout the synthetic lawn that continues to grow in addition to the weeds. I can understand weeds around the edges, but the rest???

Louisa Moltzan Avatar Louisa Moltzan
November 6, 2022

$8,500 cash was paid in full in in advance in March 2022 . In May 2022 earth works started and in the professional opinion of their own retic guy - they broke my bore (and took out both my very visible council trees that are in the plan). They fixed the electrics to the bore but are now refusing to fix the bore itself. Last contact was 14 July 2022 to Jermaine the project manager who has not responded to attempts to rectify the situation and ceased all communication. My front yard is now left empty for over 3 months and counting. My driveway also left in a state that needs rectifiying. Take your business elsewhere. They’re taking advantage of a single mum. I’m waiting on DMIRS regarding my formal complaint. EDIT in reponse to JSG reply after my origianl post above on 31/08/2022 Hi JSG, My honest review of your services is to inform the public so that they may learn from my experience. Everything in my review above is factual that I can evidence so it’s not slander - but I understand how it can be taken poorly by you even though it’s not addressed to you. With your permission, I can post all of our interactions so as to not misrepresent the situation and give the public full transparency. It’s disappointing you have chosen to resume dialogue with me in this public forum, instead of replying to the email sent to you privately on 14 July 2022 ask you to advise how you would like to proceed to address my concerns. If you are unhappy with this approach, please respond to the email. 7 weeks is more than a reasonable amount of time for you to respond and/or resolve the damages and issues created by your company and contractors in May 2022. I dont think ignoring a client for 7 weeks is a good demonstration of 'taking pride' or 'doing everything in our power to help where we can'. By stark contrast you were able to respond to my review within 1 business day? My formal complaint was a last resort to protect my rights as a consumer, since you have not responded in a timely manner and halted all progress/installation without further communication. I am happy to withdraw my formal complaint should we come to a fair resolution. I look forward to resolving this amicably and quickly.

Van Avatar Van
September 6, 2022

Having just a small area in the backyard to fit artificial turf so my son can stand his telescope I approached a few shops but Jay's Synthetic Grass stood out from the rest. Xiu Jing, at the Jandakot store was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. As there different types and thickness, she patiently explained & went through them with me. When told how much it was going to cost, I was very delighted to find that considering my selection, it was really value for money & good service since Jing also covered how to properly lay it and how to maintain it since the warranty spans a good number of years. Jing said that I could call either of their two stores if I had any queries on the preparation aspects or final laying of the Synthetic grass. As you can see from the picture, it turned out looking awesome & perfect, day or night. Will recommend them to all.

R thexeira Avatar R thexeira
September 6, 2022

Great value and super helpful staff

Richard Kirk Avatar Richard Kirk
May 22, 2022

nice material and wonderful work.

刘天一 Avatar 刘天一
May 22, 2022

Awesome customer service from Jay, his partner and team. Was a pleasure meeting them, such genuine hardworking people offering a top quality product. Thanks Vince & Tash

Natasha Miller Avatar Natasha Miller
April 22, 2022

Excellent customer service and great quality grass

Alison Slevin Walsh Avatar Alison Slevin Walsh
April 22, 2022

Very friendly staff and good quality if production. Thanks Jay

邓喆戎 Avatar 邓喆戎
April 22, 2022

intallers from jays synthetic grass are very professional. they manage to finish my project thid Saturday just now before the rain comes. i am very happy with both the process and the result.

April 22, 2022

Great service and product. Very nice staff to deal with!!! I will recommend this company to anyone who needs artificial grass service.

luo ma Avatar luo ma
April 22, 2022

Very Nice service. High quality jobs done. Worth value product. Highly recommended.

March 22, 2022

The grass looks nice but the base underneath is not level. I sent him lots of messages right after the job done but got ignored until I contact another staff who gave me quote before. Then I got a call phone from him but I was in hospital and asked him to call me back next week. I never got to heard from him since then. I gave him a call a week later but got declined. The base is still not level but I gave up calling.