Is artificial grass safe for kids and pets?

Yes, Jay’s Synthetic Grass  is both children and pet friendly.

Will synthetic grass lose colour and fade over time?

Our products are UV and heat resistant and is warranted for 8 years against ultraviolet degradation of more than 50% during the Warranty Period due to a defect or fault with the product.

Will synthetic grass get hot under direct sunlight?

In extreme hot climate, any product including artificial grass will absorb heat and warm up over time. We do have the Oasis grass that reflects away more light than other grass types.

Can water or other liquids drain through the synthetic grass?

Yes, there are drainage holes in the matting of our products and drains at similar rates to that of natural grass.

How do you install synthetic grass?

Please refer to our Artificial Grass Installation page.

Is there any warranty for grass installed by Jay's Synthetic Grass?

Yes, all our standard products (not the clearance products), comes with 8 years limited warranty and all installations completed by Jay’s Synthetic Grass have a 30 days workmanship warranty.