Is Artificial Grass friendly for pets?
Yes, Jays Synthetic Grass is pet friendly.
Is the product discolor or fade over time?
Jays Synthetic Grass’s all landscaping products come with eight years warranty.

Our product is UV and heat resistant.

Does the grass get hot?
In extreme hot climate, all artificial grass will experience warmth of some time.

There are some products to lessen the warmth, please come into our showroom, our sales team will be able to discuss with you further.

How does water drain through the synthetic grass?
There is water drainage at the back of the artificial grass, the water will drains as quickly as with natural grass.
What is the installation process?
Please refer to our INSTALLATION page.
Does your artificial grass comes with a warranty?
Yes, all Jays Synthetic Grass landscaping products are guaranteed for a period of 8 years.

All the installations have one year warranty.