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Perth Artificial Turf Types

When you think of artificial turf, you probably conjure up images of that hard, blue carpet you used to see on football fields. However, we’ve come a long way, and the variety of uses for Perth artificial turf has broadened significantly over the last decade. Today’s synthetic turf is much softer than its previous iterations and comes in a variety of colours and textures, but one of the main considerations shoppers should keep in mind is pile height. Pile height is the length of the artificial grass fibres or blades, measured from the bottom of the grass, and it can range anywhere from 10mm to 40mm and above. At Jay’s Synthetic Grass, we carry a range of different pile heights to suit different needs and preferences.

Short pile artificial turf

  • Short pile is the most compact form of artificial turf available and is the style traditionally used for sporting fields and extremely high traffic areas.
  • Putting Green is the shortest pile height synthetic turf we offer in Perth, designed for exactly that – a putting green. At 10mm, it provides the optimum conditions for a sports turf and provides great tactile feedback.
  • For lawns, the shortest pile height we recommend is the 23mm variant of Summer Fresh. With neat medium blades, this nice compact turf is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Available in a vibrant green, it will make your lawn always look freshly mown.

Medium pile artificial turf

  • Medium pile hits the sweet spot between short and long pile and is generally the most popular option for artificial turfs in Perth. It strikes the balance between comfort and visual appeal and will look like an attractive, well-kept lawn all year long. We consider medium pile to be between 30-39mm, and that gives you plenty of options.

  • Creative sits at 30mm and is so-named because it’s incredibly useful for incorporating into landscape design and adding a touch of lawn-inspired creativity to a space. With a natural-looking, olive-green tone, it’s a top choice for many landscaping projects.

  • Now we move into more deluxe-style Perth artificial turf.

  • Summer Fresh 35 is the 35mm variant of this popular style, for those who prefer a longer, fuller lawn, but still maintaining that bright summer green. It features high-density thin blades for maximum comfort.

  • Coast, at 35mm, is our best-selling synthetic lawn. It checks all the boxes for softness, lushness and vibrancy, and resembles the ever-popular buffalo grass. Durable and high-density, it has a wide range of applications and is perfect for those long days spent outdoors.

  • Oasis is another 35mm lawn that is exceptional due to its extremely cool properties. With heat dissipation technology, it’s the coolest synthetic turf in our range and is ideal for spaces prone to heat and lots of sunlight.

  • Finally, the specially-made Paw & Pet Friendly turf is designed for pet-friendly households and is tougher, more resilient, and more hygienic than other synthetic lawns on the market. As its knitted, fluids can flow through much easier, making it a breeze to clean.

Long pile artificial turf

  • When only the longest, wildest lawn will do, we offer a special 40mm pile length option: Supa.
  • Supa lawn looks and feels like wintergreen couch grass and is ideal for those who want a natural-looking evergreen lawn that catches the eye. This lush lawn is best suited for aesthetic applications and casual play, as it’s the opposite of a hard, compact sports turf.

Why choose Jay’s Synthetic Grass?

  • Hopefully, now you have a good idea about all the different kinds of lawns and pile heights!
  • As Perth’s artificial turf experts, if you’re still not sure, don’t worry. Our team will be able to guide you towards the perfect lawn for your home.
  • Our lawns are high-quality and affordable, and we’re happy to install them for your convenience.
  • All Jay’s Synthetic Grass artificial lawns are backed by an 8-year warranty.

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