DIY Artificial Grass Installation vs. Professional Installation

January 16, 2024by Jays Synthetic Grass

In the quest for a picturesque lawn, the decision between DIY artificial grass installation and relying on professional expertise stands as a pivotal crossroad. Both paths promise the lush greenery of synthetic turf, but the journey and outcomes differ significantly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of DIY and professional installations, delving into the pros, cons, and nuances that shape each approach.

DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Installing synthetic grass may sound easy to some. The level of ease or difficulty actually depends on a handful of things. Usually artificial grass comes in standard roll sizes which can vary from one vendor to another. It might not be possible to get the grass exactly in the size of your installation site. As a result you need to join multiple off-cuts and that is where the complexity arises. Post installation you might have to glue the grass to the base, cut off extra patches and so on. If these steps are not done flawlessly then your lawn or area to be covered in artificial grass may not look as aesthetic as you may have imagined it to be.

You can go through our detailed article on DIY Artificial grass installation to avoid any mistakes.

Pros of DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Cost Efficiency: The biggest pro of DIY installations has to be the extra dollars you save from not having to pay labour. Installing artificial grass could be a skill and labour intensive job. Depending on the size and shape of the surface, this cost could be significant. Even if you have a small area, vendors tend to charge a minimum day rate. So DIY definitely saves you quite a few bucks.

DIY projects grant the freedom to personalise every aspect, ensuring your lawn reflects your unique style and preferences.

Flexibility in Timing: With a DIY project, you dictate the timeline, allowing flexibility in scheduling and pacing the installation based on your availability.

Cons of DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Hard Work: You need to brace yourself for a weekend of physical exertion. DIY endeavours require significant physical effort, from preparing the ground to laying the turf, demanding a commitment of time and energy. Depending on the scale of the job you might also have to invite over a friend or two. Sometimes the grass rolls are too heavy to be moved around all by yourself.

Skill and Precision: Achieving a seamless finish may prove challenging for those without prior experience. The installation process is not restricted to mere laying down of grass but also involves a series of other steps to ensure your lawn looks like a real one and pleasing to the eye.

Little margin of error: Ensuring precision in cutting, joining, and securing the grass demands attention to detail and a steady hand. A wrong cut here and there and you could mess it up and might have to seek professional help or even buy more grass to compensate.

Professional Prowess: The Artistry of Expert Installation

On the flip side of the green spectrum, professional artificial grass installations offer a level of finesse and expertise that transforms your outdoor space into a flawless green carpet. Entrusting the task to professionals means witnessing a rapid, hassle-free transformation of your outdoor spaces.

Some Pros of Professional Artificial Grass Installation

Expertise Matters: Benefit from the skill set of seasoned installers. They know exactly how different surfaces need to be dealt with. A particular site might need more levelling, some might need more digging. Complex shapes require intricate cutting and edging. Only a person who has done it time and again could do it easily with a neat finish.

Saves you hours/days: A professional touch guarantees a quicker turnaround, sparing you the time and effort involved in a DIY project.

Quality Assurance: Professional installations often come with warranties and guarantees, ensuring the longevity and performance of your artificial grass.

Cons of Professional Artificial Grass Installation

Budget Considerations: Quality workmanship from professionals always comes at a cost, and it’s essential to consider all the associated costs.

Limited Personalisation: Say goodbye to the hands-on touch of a DIY project. While professionals guarantee perfection, the level of personalisation may be restricted compared to a DIY approach.

There are obvious pros and cons and that makes it easy to make a call when it comes to artificial grass installation in Perth. In case you are confident with the process and have some sort of prior experience, DIY could be the way. Although if tools and intensive labour is not your cup of tea, you should opt for professional installations.