15 Tips to Keep Artificial Grass Cooler

Yearning for a cool and inviting outdoor space, even on scorching days? The secret lies in mastering the art of keeping your artificial grass cooler. When the sun’s rays are blazing, your backyard oasis doesn’t have to feel like a heat trap. Whether it’s a lively barbecue, a game of catch, or simply soaking up the sun, having a comfortable surface is paramount. In this guide, we’ll dive into a treasure trove of innovative ways to beat the heat, ensuring your artificial grass remains a haven of comfort and enjoyment.

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Cooler: 15 Refreshing Hacks

1. Embrace Lighter Tones:

Give the sun a run for its money by choosing artificial grass in lighter shades. Light colours reflect sunlight, absorbing less heat and offering a cooler surface for play and relaxation.

2. Install a Pergola Paradise:

Create your own shaded sanctuary by installing a pergola or shade sail above your artificial grass area. It’s a stylish way to beat the heat while enhancing your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Watering for Instant Refreshment:

Spritz your artificial grass with water during peak heat hours. This simple trick simulates the cooling sensation of real grass and brings immediate relief to your bare feet.

4. Cooling Mats Underfoot:

Consider placing cooling mats beneath your artificial grass. These innovative mats circulate cool air, providing a refreshing surface for all your outdoor activities.

5. Strategic Landscaping Magic:

Lush trees and shrubs strategically placed around your artificial grass area can offer natural shade, helping to reduce the overall temperature of the space.

6. The Marvel of Mulch:

Surround your artificial grass with mulch beds. Mulch helps retain moisture and prevents excessive heat buildup in the surrounding area. We supply rubber mulch in Perth.

7. Cooling Infill Choices:

Opt for cooling infill materials during grass installation. These specialised infills disperse heat efficiently, making the surface feel cooler to the touch. At Jay’s we have 2 different types of Infills.

8. Awnings for Ample Shade:

Consider installing retractable awnings that provide adjustable shade, allowing you to create a comfortable oasis exactly when you need it.

9. Time Your Activities:

Plan your outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day, such as mornings and evenings. This way, you can enjoy your artificial grass without the scorching sun.

10. Introducing Shade Sails:

Shade sails offer an artistic solution to combat heat. Their unique designs create captivating shadows that keep your artificial grass pleasantly cool.

11. Synthetic Grass Cooler Coatings:

Explore innovative coatings that can be applied to your synthetic grass, reducing surface temperatures and making your space more enjoyable.

12. DIY Misting System:

Get creative by installing a DIY misting system around your artificial grass. This ingenious idea delivers gentle spritzes of water, instantly refreshing the area.

13. Artificial Grass Umbrellas:

Tiny umbrellas aren’t just for drinks! Install mini umbrellas around your artificial grass area for quirky and practical shade solutions.

14. Furniture Placement Wisdom:

Strategically position outdoor furniture to provide shade during the sunniest parts of the day. It’s a natural way to create pockets of coolness.

15. Eco-Friendly Cooler Options:

Consider eco-friendly options like cool roofs, which reflect sunlight and heat away from your artificial grass area, maintaining a pleasant temperature.


Q1: Can I use umbrellas with artificial grass?
A: Absolutely! Mini umbrellas or larger ones can provide shade and contribute to a cooler artificial grass area.

Q2: Do lighter colours really make a difference?
A: Yes! Lighter-coloured artificial grass reflects heat, helping to maintain a cooler surface.

Q3: How do cooling mats work?
A: Cooling mats circulate cool air, offering a refreshing feel to the grass above them.

Q4: What’s the benefit of misting systems?
A: Misting systems gently spray water, creating an instant cooling effect on your artificial grass.

Q5: Can I use mulch around my artificial grass?
A: Absolutely! Mulch helps prevent excessive heat buildup in the surrounding area.

Q6: Can synthetic grass coatings really lower temperatures?
A: Yes, certain coatings are designed to reduce surface temperatures and improve overall comfort.



Say goodbye to sweltering artificial grass and welcome a refreshing oasis with open arms. By integrating these creative hacks into your outdoor space, you’re on your way to achieving a cooler, more comfortable environment. From the allure of shade sails to the magic of misting systems, your Perth artificial grass can now be your personal haven even on the hottest days. Embrace innovation, embrace comfort, and make your outdoor area the coolest place to be.

Now, go ahead and transform your artificial grass into a chill-out paradise where the temperature is always just right. Your feet (and your guests) will thank you for it!