Safety Surfacing

Introducing soft fall presented by Jay’s Synthetic Grass. It is a product where
commercial safety surface is provided by the safest walkways and playground flooring for
public parks, campuses, and recreation centres, among other places. Synthetic grass gives the appearance of natural grass but without the upkeep.

This is an artificial grass layer that is put under as a cushion layer of connected rubber buffing, providing in a spongy, non-static surface that is suitable for a
broad range of applications. It also offers sporting facilities with a comfortable and secure training surface for sportsmen. For every commercial and residential installations, we offer our soft fall product below our Astro turf. Our safety flooring systems are designed to minimise the joint impact as well as the degree of injuries caused by playground falls.


  • Jay’s Synthetic Grass is an efficient choice for commercial facilities seeking for low, longlasting landscape synthetic turf. Jay’s Synthetic Grass of Western Australia’s high-quality synthetic turf withstands heavy foot traffic and is constructed with innovative technology to provide long-term durability, comfort, and vibrancy.
  • While our household clients appreciate Jay’s Synthetic Grass putting greens, long-lasting lawns, and other characteristics.
  • Our commercial clients have widespread amongst creative innovations and several
    applications for our artificial grass. Cafes, common spaces, childcare centres, rooftops, and facility landscapes such as playgrounds are examples of distinctive commercial usage.
Benefits of Astro Turf:
  • Artificial grass is always visually pleasant in all weather conditions. This is because the weather has no direct effect on the look of the lawn. It will remain green, clean, and tidy all year round, regardless of the weather.
  • It is far handier for the owner because it requires less upkeep. Artificial turf, unlike natural grass, does not require watering, fertilisation, or mowing.
  • Artificial grass’s ease of upkeep will assist older and disabled users who may find it difficult to mow and maintain their lawn. Artificial grass is ideal for usage in nursing homes and retirement homes.
  • Individuals who live away from home for extended periods of time, own a vacation property, or work away frequently and are not at home frequently might profit from artificial grass because it does not grow like real grass and hence requires no upkeep from the owner.
  • Artificial grass, unlike genuine grass, does not require watering. This is beneficial for the environment since it minimises the amount of water used. You may save water and money by reducing the use of your hose line and sprinklers.
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