Indoor synthetic turf is a type of flooring that looks and feels like real grass but without the hassle of maintenance. It is perfect for high-traffic areas, such as homes with pets or small children, as it is durable and easy to clean. In addition, indoor synthetic turf is eco-friendly and UV-stabilized, so you can feel good about your purchase.

At Jay’s Synthetic Grass, we are proud to offer a wide range of artificial turf options to our customers. Whether you’re looking for grass that is safe for kids and pets, eco-friendly, or easy to install, we have you covered. Our indoor synthetic turf is the latest and greatest in flooring options, and we are excited to share it with you!

There are many reasons to choose indoor synthetic turf over traditional flooring options. First, it is easy to install and can be done DIY-style with our step-by-step instructions. Second, it comes with an 8-year guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase. Finally, it is safe for kids and pets – making it the perfect flooring option for families.

We know that purchasing indoor synthetic turf is a big investment. That’s why we have partnered with Brighte to provide financing options of up to $30,000. With Brighte, you can spread the cost of your purchase over time with flexible repayment options – making it easier than ever to get the flooring you want.

If you’re considering indoor synthetic turf for your home or business, we encourage you to request a quote from us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or financing options. We look forward to hearing from you soon.