Artificial Turf Installation Perth

Below are the step-by-step descriptions for artificial turf installation if you would like to take up the challenge. These are the exact same steps undertaken by our installers.

  • Mark out the area for your artificial turf. Remove the grass, weeds and extra earth to give a minimum depth of 60~80mm for the base. Make the depth 100mm if it’s for a high traffic area where cars will be parked/moved.
  • Spread blue metal/cracker dust to the area. Smooth it out and then level the area. Spray water on the surface of the dust and compact the stone aggregate until the area is firm and levelled.
  • Roll out the artificial turf. If you’re using several pieces of artificial turf, make sure the yarn are all laid in the same direction.
  • Lay the joining tape down in between two pieces. Make sure that they are properly joined.
  • Trim the turf along the edges, so that the turf fits the area perfectly.
  • Use u-shape pegs to secure the turf on the edges at intervals of 300mm.
  • Spread the white washed silica sands to your new artificial turf. Job is done!

If you are not confident of installing your synthetic turf, Jay’s Synthetic Grass can install your new artificial turf with a professional touch, ensuring the very best result for your property, making you a proud owner. If you decide to give us the opportunity, we could either provide an initial online quote or arrange our friendly consultants to visit you site and provide a quote for artificial turf installation.

The great news is that having your artificial turf installed by us also comes exceptional workmanship and an installation thats built to last!

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