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Do you have a yard that’s too shady for grass to grow well? Maybe it’s too small for a full-sized lawn, or you simply don’t have the time, money or inclination to maintain a real one? Artificial grass is your answer. In Perth, artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of light conditions – and modern synthetic products look and feel just like natural grass. It’s an easy set-and-forget way to have your lawn looking lush, all-year round. Here are a few reasons why artificial grass is increasingly being chosen over natural grass in Perth.

Never mow again

  • Mowing your lawn is a tedious job. And with regular grass, you have to do it regularly – ideally every week during the growing season, or every 10 days during the winter. Even with the best mower, it’s a lot of time spent on your lawn. Lawn maintenance doesn’t come cheap, with all the watering and feeding required, but artificial grass gives you all that time and money back. Plus, think of all the emissions you’re saving by not firing up that lawnmower or weedwhacker.

It’s better for the planet

  • Artificial grass may be manufactured, but it’s much better for the environment than natural lawns. Most grass used for lawns in Perth simply isn’t able to withstand the harsh prolonged WA heat, and this means excessive watering and other chemical fertilisers just to keep it alive. Especially difficult during water restrictions. With artificial lawn, it’s always healthy-looking.

It’s great for the kids (and pets)

  • Once upon a time, artificial grass would be too hot to walk on comfortably, but modern technology has created variants that are just as enjoyable to play on in the Perth sun as a traditional lawn. The Oasis is the coolest artificial lawn in our range, capable of dissipating heat rather than absorbing it, for a much more pleasant surface temperature. Robust and hardwearing, it’s perfect for those long Sunday summer afternoons.
  • For pets, the Paw & Pet Friendly artificial grass is up to five times stronger than any other, making it ideal for even the most active pets. It even drains fluids easier and faster, making it more hygienic, too.
  • Artificial grass has the added benefit of not being home to the various insects and parasites that can live in natural grasses.

It’s flexible

  • As it doesn’t need sunlight or regular maintenance, there are countless applications for artificial grass in Perth, particularly if you’re creative. You can install it indoors, in small areas, or even in places prone to flooding.
  • If you’ve got an unusually shaped area or you’re even looking for a temporary solution, artificial lawn is a cost-effective way to add a lawn, fast. Put an instant golf pitch wherever you want it!
  • One of the best things about an artificial lawn is that because it looks good all year round, you’ll be more inclined to get outside and use it!

Artificial grass is a ‘set and forget’ product. Once you install it or have it installed by our professional team, it does not require any of your time or money to look an stay in perfect condition all year round.

Installation is a breeze

  • When it’s time to put in your brand new Perth artificial grass, the process is simple. There’s no sowing seeds and waiting for the seasons, all you really need is a flat surface. Here’s the exact method used by our qualified install team:
  • Artificial grass installation
  • If you don’t have the time or would simply leave it up to the professionals, Jay’s Synthetic Grass will install your new lawn to the very highest standard. You can get a quote online or organise one of our consultants to visit your site.

Why choose Jay’s Synthetic Grass?

  • Here at Jay’s Synthetic Grass, we have an extensive range of Perth artificial grasses that we supply and install for our customers right across the state.
  • Our promise is high-quality lawns at highly affordable prices. Once you’ve lived with the ease, convenience and constant visual appeal of synthetic, you’ll never go back.
  • All Jay’s Synthetic Grass artificial lawns are backed by an 8-year warranty.

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