Deluxe 35mm

Product Overview

Spring/Autumn feel with a lighter shade of green, medium pile height with thin size blades.


  • Machine Gauge: 9.52mm
  • Pile Height: 35mm
  • Stitch Rate: 13/10cm
  • Density: 1,365/m²
  • Fibre Composition: 4 mixed tones natural look
  • DTEX: 11,000+4,400
  • Tuft Count: 14,700/m²
  • Primary Backing: PP+PP Woven
  • Reinforcement Backing: PP+PP
  • Secondary Backing: SBR Latex
  • Roll width by length: 3.75x20m
  • Roll Dimension: 3750(l)x450(w)x450(h)mm
  • Approximate Roll Weight: 165kg
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